No Longer A Disaster!

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No Longer A Disaster!

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“I never thought I could ever be in this situation and that it would take so long for me to get a normal life back” says Ms. Washington.  As a victim of hurricane Katrina, she has fought to get her family resettled and her life back together.

The loss of life from Katrina was astonishing, the number injured devastating, and the damage to infrastructure, businesses, and homes almost inconceivable.  There are many like Ms. Washington who are still struggling to recover many years later.

Disaster victims often suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder due to the loss of loved ones, neighbors, and friends. “My kids and I saw things that most people never see in real life. We have really suffered” stated Ms. Washington.  Ms. Washington was finally able to get Section 8 help and get a place to live.  Her journey has been long and hard.  She and her children were sleeping and eating on the floor, but she feels blessed to finally have a home after so many years.

Pavilion of Hope is proud to help resettle victims of natural disaster.




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